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Weightless at Z Space November 1st!

We are thrilled to announce that we are performing a concert version of our rock opera, Weightless, at Z Space on Tuesday, November 1st, at 7pm! Directed by Becca Wolff, this showing is the culmination of three years of collaborative workshops with Z Space and Encore Theatre. This concert, which features Lila Blue, Josh Pollock, Rotimi Agbabiaka,  and Dan Harris, is produced by Z Space, Encore Theatre, and Piece By Piece productions. Tickets are $10, and you can purchase them at...

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The Kilbanes featured in American Theater magazine!

We were lucky enough to be featured in American Theatre magazine’s July 2014 issue in an article called, “9 Musical Theatre Writers You Should Know“. We shared the space with incredible composers from Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Austin, and Philadelphia, as well as with our friend Min Kahng, a composer who lives right here in the Bay...

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Kate named one of 11 Theater Artists to Watch in 2013

(reposted from SF Weekly) The undisputed hit of this year’s Fringe, Weightless, by Kate Kilbane and the Cellar Doors, was less fringy than gleaming from all its professional polish, forecasting its full production planned for 2014. The show, an adaptation of the Greek myth of Procne and Philomela, is a rock opera — not quite a rock concert, not quite a musical; performers are at once band mates and actors. Kilbane’s original, genre-defying songs are both catchy and musically...

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SF Weekly Review: Weightless

(reposted from SF Weekly) Weightless. The rock opera by Kate Kilbane and the Cellar Doors is one of the best shows of the year, in and out of the Fringe. The surprising and poetic fairytale about sisterhood, adapted from the myth of Procne and Philomela in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, tells its story partly through old-fashioned narration (by Alisha Ehrlich) and partly through funky, jazzy rock. In a few key moments, the band members also act out scenes, and their electrifying...

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San Francisco Chronicle Review: Weightless

(re-posted from the San Francisco Chronicle) Audiences are usually sparse the first two nights of the San Francisco Fringe Festival: It takes a few days for word of mouth to build. Not this year, apparently. The first two shows I saw Thursday at the 21st annual Fringe were well attended. The third, at 10 p.m., was sold out. Maybe music has something to do with it. There’s a lot more music in a lot more shows this year, says...

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